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December 11th, 2012

PCOS Research – What You Need to Know!

For the past ten years, FLO Living has been the premier advocate for the natural treatment of hormonal imbalances for women in their reproductive years. In this article, we wanted to put a particular focus on Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome (PCOS) since 1 out of 4 women suffer from it, and the statistics are even higher when you include all of the women who have been misdiagnosed or have just not discovered it yet. It is a major health problem for those affected and one of the leading causes of infertility.

In Western medicine, PCOS, along with most other hormonal conditions, is considered incurable. Symptoms include all or some of the following: irregular or absent periods, obesity, acne, facial hair, insulin resistance, depression, etc. The most common “treatments” include the birth control pill, Spironolactone for body hair, and Metformin, an insulin-regulating pharmaceutical typically prescribed to diabetics. What do these solutions have in common? They focus on masking your symptoms without getting to the root of what is causing the issue. For those of you reading who have this condition and have tried common therapies, you can also attest to how frustrated most women with PCOS feel about this type of treatment.

At FLO Living, we understand the intricate relationship between a woman’s hormones, her diet, and her lifestyle. We understand how simple it is to manage your own hormones without having to rely on drugs, once you have the information you need. And we want you to learn this information too, since we feel it is every woman’s right to understand her body and know what her options are.

A study done by doctors at the University of Naples highlights the fact that “treatment of PCOS and its complications should not solely be based on pharmacological therapies…” but rather states the following:

“Taking into consideration the patients’ young age and the devastating effects of PCOS on hormonal and metabolic pattern, this complex and multifaceted disease requires a comprehensive approach in order to achieve concrete beneficial effects for PCOS patients.”

They recommend “Multidisciplinary programs, including dietary and educational counseling, exercise training, stress management and psychosocial support” as the “gold standard” for treatment of PCOS.

Doctors are now supporting what we’ve been saying and teaching for years! If you’re ready to learn more about the FLO Living WomanCode System and how our proven approach can work for you, Click Here to learn more or email us at info@floliving.com for more information.

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