I Heart My Moon Cycle

February 27th, 2013

I wanted to let you know that today I’m lifting up my skirt, so to speak, by talking publicly about something I’ve never talked about in this way before.  Something taboo.  Secretive.  Shameful for some of us. It’s something that we, as women, often try to hide.

Do I have your attention?

It’s about my moon cycle, my period, my menses — whatever you want to call it.  I’ll be talking about how my own cycles affect my work in the world.  Not to mention my relationships, and my overall view of myself as an empowered, embodied woman.

This conversation is long overdue.

Today it feels really good to let my hair down and share more openly about this in a free month-long online event, featuring myself and 27 other feminine leaders, called “I {Heart} My Moon Cycle”.  My friend and colleague, Sara Avant Stover is hostessing this event. In case you don’t know her, Sara is a yogini, women’s teacher and mentor, and the author of the best-selling bookThe Way of the Happy Woman. This special month stretches for 28 days (one lunar cycle) from February 18-March 17 and is designed to bring more awareness and acceptance of our cycles, from menarche to menopause.

Why should you care?  That’s a good question!  As women, we should all be talking more about this than we are. Our bodies have different rhythms and cycles that we can harness in ways that you have probably never been taught…until now.

My own story about my cycles and how they relates to my work in the world went live this morning. Come on over to see what I have to say about this more secretive part of my womanhood.

This is taboo stuff, ladies.  Let’s see if we can bring it into the mainstream, and take away the stigma.  Care to join me?    

Here’s where to find me there: http://www.saraavantstover.com/iheartmymooncycle/10/

It’s a serious subject, but we’ll have some fun with it, too.  And you’ll get a lot of information that you can use in your own life and your own relationships. 

I hope you join me, and let your voice contribute to an emerging women’s movement rooted in the deepest and most powerful parts of us. 

P.S. “I {Heart} My Moon Cycle” culminates with a free online class and celebration on March 8, International Women’s Day where Sara teaching “What do to on the first day of your cycle (or on the new moon if you’re not bleeding anymore)”— especially if you’re busy professional, mom, or both. She’s a very thorough, inspiring, and gently powerful teacher—I think you’ll really like it! You can join that free class here too http://iheartmymooncycle.com

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  1. beats by dre says:

    As for women, it works in the same way, with blood rushes into her genitals causing her clitoris to swell and her vagina to increase in diameter and length.

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