Metformin and brain impairment

October 30th, 2013

prescription drugsA new study was recently conducted among patients with type 2 diabetes and glucose intolerance, to determine the factors responsible for cognitive impairment. The results show that those who were taking the drug Metformin were twice as likely to exhibit cognitive impairment and that Metformin and brain impairment were linked. They also discovered that the only way to slow down the damage to the brain was with micronutrient changes – aka food!

The relevance for you, WomanCoders, is that glucose sensitivities and Metformin prescriptions are common occurrences in women with hormonal imbalances, particularly PCOS. But how often are you made aware of the potential side effects?

As more studies are revealed that show the chronic, long-term side effects of commonly prescribed drugs, it’s becoming clear that we can’t afford to buy the idea that a pill can fix you. Additionally, the new research makes a stronger case every day that food can correct the imbalances that the medication is trying to manage on the symptom level.  The most obvious and effective solution is to use food as your medicine.

So this week’s Hormonal Health Challenge is:

Evaluate your reliance on prescription drugs that are supposed to be healing your hormonal imbalances.

Use this set of questions:

  • How long have I been taking it?

  • Was it prescribed to “fix” a certain symptom, and is that issue still being addressed?

  • What side effects do I experience?

  • Am I neglecting to look at the role my diet and lifestyle play in what’s happening with my hormones?

We’re not by any means suggesting to go cold turkey with any medication you’ve been prescribed. Rather, we are suggesting that you start a dialogue with your body and your physician to make sure that you’re taking an approach that best suits you.

The WomanCode System was designed to facilitate this dialogue by teaching you a specially sequenced food-therapy protocol that will naturally bring your body back into balance. As we’ve seen women’s success stories with it over the years, I’m pretty sure your doctor would be happy to know you’re taking a proactive approach to your hormonal health.

Get the details and see if it’s for you by clicking here.

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  1. Teresa Henriques says:

    I’ve taken metaformina for a year. I was diagnose having pcos when I was 18, I’m now 35 and trying tiger pregnant. It did regolate my periods, I stopped taking it when I started to read your book and doing the diet. I was never over waeght on the contrary, but I have terrible fine hear and some acne. Should I test to see it I have any sugger intolerance? Should I just stop all sweets? I’m not a very sweet person but I like my dark chocolate and the occasional bite of desert… I’m trying as much as I can to do your diet since last September, but did not get pregnant yet and I missed my period twise since…. Kind of worried that I’m doing something wrong….

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