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Your hormones run
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Female hormones are part of a logical system we can both predict and control: the endocrine system. Women also have a unique 28-day infradian rhythm, with hormone levels changing each week. For more than 20 years, we’ve studied the ins and outs of the endocrine system and developed a science-backed program to optimize each phase of your cycle.

root causes

There’s a reason you’re having symptoms.

What you put in your body—or what you don’t—determines how your hormones perform. Your symptoms are caused by common hormone disruptors that we can help you identify and avoid.

Micronutrient depletion:

  • Every organ in the endocrine system requires specific micronutrients to make and synthesize hormones.
  • Exposure to synthetic birth control, stress, and improper diet all lead to micronutrient depletion.
  • The reason why you present with certain symptoms has to do with the degree of micronutrient depletion.

Endocrine disruptors:

  • Chemicals in household cleaning and beauty products negatively impact our endocrine function.
  • Many women drink caffeine to boost energy and alcohol to calm down, but both of these substances throw our hormone levels off track.
  • Birth control and hormone replacement therapy also strongly affect our endocrine systems.

Ignoring your infradian rhythm:

  • Most women exercise the same way throughout the month when our bodies actually require different levels of intensity in each phase of our cycle.
  • Following the same diet throughout your cycle negates your body’s fluctuating nutritional needs across phases.

Your endocrine system

Change your inputs — what you put in your body determines how your hormones perform.

Negative inputs:
  • Personal care and household cleaning products with synthetic fragrance and chemicals

  • Extended morning fasting, caffeine, and working out on an empty stomach

  • Glyphosate exposure in food and alcohol

  • Overloading stress levels with suboptimal diet and lifestyle choices

Positive inputs:
  • Eating blood-sugar stabilizing, nutrient dense meals

  • Self pleasure to regulate ovulation and boost fertility

  • Using fermented foods to improve estrogen metabolism in the gut

  • Supporting your sleep wake cycle with sun exposure and blue light glasses

Your hormones fluctuate with your Infradian rhythm.

As you move through four distinct phases over 28-days, your body experiences normal hormonal fluctuations that influence everything from your body temperature and skin elasticity, to your sleep cycle, energy, emotions, and cognitive function.

The infradian rhythm creates a 25% change in your brain chemistry over the course of the month.

Your metabolism speeds up and slows down across your four phases, so what you eat should change in order to optimize your metabolism.

Resting cortisol levels are higher in the luteal phase. Pushing yourself through an intense workout can bump up cortisol levels even more, triggering fat storage.

Women need 20 minutes more sleep than men because we have a more complex brain, yet we tend to need less in the way of extreme self-care practices because we have more efficient biology.

Menstrual Phase: Eat high protein foods, pilates, and rest
Follicular Phase: Eat fermented foods, cardio workouts, start new projects.
Ovulatory Phase: Eat more raw foods, HIIT workouts, networking
Luteal Phase: Eat more root vegetables, strength train, conquer your to-do list

Our method

Spot treating symptoms doesn’t work.

You won’t get rid of cramps by taking an herb or clear your acne with a single supplement — you have to address the entire system. Flo Living aligns food, supplements, and exercise to the phases of your cycle to optimize your health from the inside out.

Macronutrients are the larger dietary elements like fats, fibers, proteins, and carbs. We guide you to eat the right macronutrients to properly support your brain and body over each phase of your cycle.

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals your body needs like iron, potassium, and vitamin C. We offer a range of micronutrients in therapeutic-grade doses to replenish the vitamins and minerals your body lacks.

Your exercise routine should change depending on your infradian rhythm — from lower impact workouts to higher intensity cardio. We provide recommendations that complement each phase.

Aligning your diet, supplements, and exercise with your cycle over time is the foundation of The Cycle Syncing Method® and will result in real results and lasting change.

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