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Imagine never having to deal with these period problems again:

• Acne
• Mood swings
• Bloating
• Fatigue & Cramps
• Painful and/or heavy periods
• Missing or late periods
• Feeling "out of it" for one full week every month!
• PCOS symptoms
• Fatigue and brain fog
• Infertility

How it works

Your cycle is telling a story that we can translate.

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Tell us about your symptoms, cycle, diet, and lifestyle so we can help you understand the root cause of your hormone issues.

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Join the thousands of women who have seen real results for over a decade.

Even though you’ve been told medications, hormone replacement and other interventions are the only way to treat hormonal issues, we know there is a better way. Our 20 years of research shows that the best way to care for your hormones is a combination therapy of food and supplements.

Over half a million women treated

experienced weight loss


experienced mood improvements


reduced PMS Symptoms


feel more

What support looks like:

Jordan / 24 years old

Mood swings

Care Plan

  • Cycle Syncing® Food & Workouts

  • Stabilize blood sugar

  • Restore Micronutrients

Lily / 29 years old

Mood swings
Heavy bleeding

Care Plan

  • Cycle Syncing® Food & Workouts

  • Boost progesterone production

  • Support estrogen elimination

Rae / 29 years old

Fertility struggles

Care Plan

  • Cycle Syncing® Food & Workouts

  • Micronutrients to boost egg quality

  • Reduce inflammation

Emma / 38 years old


Care Plan

  • Cycle Syncing® Food & Workouts

  • Boost progesterone production

  • Increase micronutrient levels

What the experts are saying...

“Living in alignment with our cycle is the next frontier for women’s health. This is a powerful offering toward helping women reclaim hormone health, and much-needed life balance.”

Dr. Aviva Romm

“The Cycle Syncing® Method is an effective way for women to align with their biological rhythms to optimize not only their health, but every other aspect of their lives.”

Dr. Mark Hyman
New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution

“An extraordinary prescription for your period, fertility, and lackluster sex drive. This is replacing our broken system of women’s health with a novel approach. Doctors, prescribe Vitti’s system to your patients!”

Dr. Sara Gottfried, OB/GYN
author of The Hormone Cure

“An effective food-based functional nutrition protocol that shows you how you can have your hormones working for you, not against you!”

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OB/GYN, FACOG
TRIPLE Board Certified Obstetrician GynecoloGIST

Learn how to resolve all your period problems.
Take our free assessment.

Take our 2-minute assessment

At Flo Living, we empower women to take control of their hormonal health through our innovative Cycle Syncing® Method, designed to harmonize your lifestyle with the natural rhythms of your menstrual cycle. We understand the unique health challenges women face at various stages of their lives, from menstruation and fertility to perimenopause and beyond. Our MyFLO App for Cycle Syncing guides you through each phase, offering personalized advice to optimize your well-being, whether you're navigating menstruation, aiming to boost your fertility, or managing the transitions into perimenopause.

Our holistic approach is complemented by our FLO Living supplements, including the Balance Supplements, Release Supplements, Restore Supplements, Nurture Supplements, Cycle Syncing Supplements, and Ease Supplements. Each supplement is carefully crafted to support your body's needs at different stages of your cycle, ensuring that you feel balanced, energized, and in harmony with your hormonal health. These supplements are a cornerstone of our Cycle Syncing Membership, which offers comprehensive support for women dedicated to embracing their natural cycle and achieving optimal health.

Join the Flo Living community and discover how Cycle Syncing® can transform your health, fertility, and overall well-being. Our membership program provides access to educational resources, personalized health insights, and a supportive community of women all striving for hormonal balance. With FLO Living, you're not just managing your symptoms; you're embracing a lifestyle that celebrates and nurtures your body's innate wisdom.

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