Foundational FLO Protocol™

+ 10-week functional nutrition, food therapy program

+ Recalibrate your endocrine function

+ Guided, digital program accessed anytime

Support whole-body hormonal balance and regular, pain-free periods with these five essential micronutrient formulations, designed to be taken simultaneously every day.

  • Energize — Boost your energy levels, mood, sex drive, and progesterone
  • Detox — Support healthy estrogen levels, combat
    Replenish — Make estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, regulate
  • Gusty — Balance gut bacteria, improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Harmonize — Support mood and ovulation, and reduce cramping, oxidative
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The foundational flo protocoltm helps with:

Skin and Weight Issues
Low Libido
Mood Swings
Irregular or Missing Periods
Hot Flashes
Hormonal Acne
Heavy Bleeding
Breast tenderness
Fertility Struggles
Idiopathic infertility
Recurrent miscarriages
Difficulty conceiving
Low libido
Hot flashes
Mood swings
Skin and weight issues
Breast tenderness
Fertility struggles
Hormonal acne
Irregular or missing periods
Heavy bleeding

"This completely healed me and my cycle. My OBGYN was shocked when I no longer had signs of PCOS"

Michelle Doyle, age 32

Some results you can expect:

  • Weight loss

  • Fewer PMS symptoms

  • Clearer skin and fewer breakouts

  • More predictable periods

  • Less pain

  • Decreased cramps

  • Less bloating

  • More stable moods

  • Better sleep

  • More energy

What is the FLO Protocol?

The first-ever woman-centric health system that syncs with your unique rhythm. It gives you the foundation for solving any hormonal issues you may have over your lifetime.

Using the principles of functional nutrition, this protocol is a specially-sequenced food therapy program that re-calibrates your endocrine function. Over 10- weeks, you will be guided step-by-step to make simple, cumulative food and lifestyle changes that balance your hormones naturally.

  • Phase 1: Balance: Improve your metabolism, digestion and lose weight with blood sugar balance.

  • Phase 2: Replenish: Lower stress levels and increase your energy with adrenal support.

  • Phase 3: Detox: Clear excess hormones with liver support.

  • Phase 4: Cycle Syncing®: Regulate cycles, decrease symptoms and discover embodied time management.

  • Phase 5: Connect: Re-establish connection with your Divine Feminine energy.

What's included

In-Depth Guidance

Get to the root of your symptoms through 22 videos with me teaching you exactly what to do, including specific action steps to take after each lesson.

Clear Action Steps

Simple worksheets and assignments to help you embody Cycle Syncing® to get and stay in your FLO.

Live Support Clinics

Three monthly group sessions to get your specific questions answered and for extra accountability.

Private Forum

Three months of free access to our private forum to get your questions answered quickly in between monthly support clinics (Then $10 per month after your free access).

Delicious Recipes

Fast and easy meals, specially designed to support healthy hormones through each of your 4 cycle phases.

Lifetime Access to Curriculum

Review the videos and assignments as much as you need to stay in your FLO.

Foundational Flo Protocol Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this program take to complete?

The Foundation Flo Protocol™ is designed to take 3 months to complete if you move through each module weekly, although each module is flexible and adaptable based on a timeline that works for you. It's totally fine to take more time with each step if you need - you'll have the content for life!

What if I don't see results?

The Foundational Flo Protocol™ comes with a 100% happiness guarantee. If you complete the 3-month program and don’t feel any healthier, stronger, and balanced, send us your worksheets to prove that you’ve completed the program and we’ll refund the cost of your foundation program.

How is the Foundational FLO Protocol different than the Cycle Syncing® Membership?

The Foundational Flo Protocol™ is an intensive three-month program designed to help you understand how your hormones function and provides the tools you'll need to heal and optimize their functions. The Cycle Syncing Membership is more of a maintenance program that provides workouts and recipes for each phase of your cycle - it assumes you already understand cycle-syncing and have no major hormonal issues to work on. I strongly recommend starting with the Protocol if you have hormonal healing to do :) We also suggest taking our health assessment to learn which program is right for you!

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