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Will you be able to get pregnant when you’re ready?

pregnancy_dietWhen I’m talking with women about their fertility, one of the most common questions I get is this:

“I’m not ready to get pregnant now, but how do I know I’ll be able to in the future?”

If you’re in the same boat in your 20s or 30s – not exactly ready to put a bun in the oven but considering it for the future – then it’s time to get real about the signs your body is telling you now. Every woman should be able to get pregnant naturally when she’s ready, but in today’s hormone harming environment, we have more working against our fertility than ever before.  If you find yourself, like so many other women, ignoring symptoms that might seem insignificant and even unrelated now, we here at FLO Living want you to be able to evaluate if these symptoms are early warning signs that your future fertility might be problematic.  You must understand how they could affect you down the road, and you must not make the common mistake of waiting to address these symptoms/issues until you actually want to get pregnant. From our experience over the past 12 years – this is a recipe for fertility stress.

Today I want to share with you 4 specific symptoms you might be experiencing that are indicators of potential compromised fertility. It’s not meant to frighten you, but rather to empower you with the information you need to start evaluating as soon as possible the action steps you need to take immediately to improve your fertility in the future. (And if you’re actively trying and feel you’re out of time, we’ll have more tips for you in the coming weeks!)

So here are 4 signs your fertility is compromised:

  1. PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) – Experiencing monthly mood-swings, cramps, headaches, and more before your period are signs of PMS. This indicates that there is something off with the critical balance between estrogen and progesterone in your system, and most often progesterone is too low. Since this is the hormone that allows you to hold on to the embryo once you conceive, it  can make conceiving difficult and potentially increase your risk of miscarriage.

  2. Lack of cervical fluid around ovulation – If you haven’t been noticing any changes with cervical fluid or vaginal discharge throughout the month, it’s time to start paying attention! One of the biggest indicators of healthy ovulation is having a very wet, uncooked egg-white-like mucus (called cervical fluid) for 3-4 days mid-cycle. This paves the way for sperm to make it to your eggs, and so if it’s not happening it could interfere with the process.

  3. Irregular cycles – Whether or not you have a diagnosed condition like PCOS, if you’re noticing your cycles are not regular each month it will become a huge problem when you’re trying to get pregnant. When you address the irregularities now, you will have an easier time making sure you are timing sex correctly for conception and you’re body will be more fertile and ready later on when you want to conceive.

  4. Adrenal issues – Experiencing insomnia, anxiety, stress, low energy, and sugar addiction are all signs that your adrenal glands are suffering. This unfortunately not only makes you feel lousy, but it indicates a high cortisol and low DHEA ratio that compromises ovulation regularity and diminishes egg quality, both essential factors in your fertility.

Take a moment to evaluate your own symptoms -

Can you identify with any of the 4 we listed? Are some more extreme than the others?

Think of your fertility factor as a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being fertility compromised and 10 being fertility optimized. Based on your evaluation of the 4 signs listed above, where do you fall on the scale?

Please share in the comment box below. I want to know exactly what you’re dealing with so that we can continue to help you in upcoming blog posts and classes.

It’s time to bump your fertility factor up to a 10 so that you can be as ready as possible when the timing is right!

Read on for more information on our upcoming master class: How to Optimize Conception.

All the details are here!

With ovary love,


PMS: 3 remedies to avoid

woman-with-cramps-and-pmsThere’s a safety saying in the NYC subway system that says: “If you see something, say something.”

 Today I want to apply that very same saying to your hormonal health, in particular, your PMS symptoms!

Did you know that relatively harmless symptoms today could lead more serious issues down the road?

As it was researched in a study published by the NIH, having PMS symptoms in reproductive years can increase the development to the big four major diseases of inflammation (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s) down the road.

Once again, we shouldn’t just accept the fact that PMS is a normal part of being a woman – We need to acknowledge that when you have symptoms, you must take immediate action through dietary changes.

Banishing PMS means more than just covering up your current symptoms. If you were part of the master class on PMS last week then you’ll know why. If you missed it, you can still purchase the class below, and in the meantime here are three of the typical “spot-treating” remedies you might be using and what you can do instead.

3 PMS Remedies to Avoid

1. The birth control pill: While the pill is often a go-to fixer-upper for your PMS and cycle issues, it can be problematic when used over long periods of time just to mask your symptoms. Why is that? Well, the pill is putting temporary artificial hormones in your system that quiet down your body’s natural hormonal flow. You might be avoiding PMS, but you’re likely going to experience other side effects of the pill such as depression, lack of libido, and weight gain. Plus, when you get off the pill, your PMS symptoms are likely to return with a vengeance.

2. Caffeine: Coffee, diet soda, and energy drinks might give you a temporary pick-me-up, but in the long run they are only doing more harm. Caffeine jolts your adrenal glands into a stress response which, over time, will further contribute to adrenal fatigue and thyroid conditions. Modern day life is already stressful, so why make it worse?

3. Midol or other pain relievers: Yes, popping a Midol might be helping to ease the pain and discomfort, but it’s not doing anything to solve the issue from the root of the problem. Over-the-counter pain medications make your liver work harder, as they are another substance that must be broken down and eliminated from your system via your liver and digestive tract. During your luteal (pre-menstrual) phase, your liver is already overworked with eliminating excess hormones your body is producing (as well as sugar, if you’re having those carb cravings!). The liver congestion that this causes puts you more at risk for serious issues down the road.

So what’s the real solution?

You must get to the root of your hormonal imbalances and begin healing through one of the most simple and common drugs we have access to: food.

The food you eat has a powerful effect on your estrogen and progesterone levels, as well as on the function of your adrenals, thyroid, and liver – all major players in this hormonal conversation. There are 3 major food-related changes that will have a huge impact on your hormonal balance and PMS symptoms:

We cover all of this in more in the WomanCode System, but for those of you haven’t yet joined, I’ve broken down the key aspects into a master class on Banishing PMS forever. Click here to purchase and take one powerful step in the direction of a long and healthy future, PMS-free.

We can’t afford to ignore PMS any longer.

 Take charge and join me today!

In support,